Wheelie Bin Bags

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Freight is charged by weight, indicitive costs per carton are: Auckland $6.00, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $16.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.


  • 160Litre Biodegradable - Biobag - Carton 180
    BioBag bags and films replace plastic yet they can be disposed of in composts, used for animal feed like a pig or worm farm or placed in a green waste collection, even sea creatures can digest BioBag’s. They can also be used in organic farm production and food contact applications. BioBag’s are manufactured from Mater-Bi; the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components such as GE (GMO) free cornstarch, vegetable oils and biodegradable polymer. All grades are compostable and biodegradable during composting and are manufactured from sustainable and renewable resources...

    IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT SIZING PLEASE REQUEST A SAMPLE - due to the biodegradability of the product we may not be able to accept returns
    NZ$ 289.12 Carton 180 bags
    NZ$ 332.49 incl GST
  • 200L Black Bin Liner - Premier Hygiene
    200L Black Bin Liners. Extra thick for strength.

    Made from recycled materials.

    (480 + 410)x 1330mm.

    Carton 200 (4 packs of 50)

    Was code 3100020
    NZ$ 123.31 carton 200
    NZ$ 141.81 incl GST
  • 72L Clear LD Plastic Rubbish Bag Pack 50
    72L Clear LD Plastic Rubbish Bag (600 x 1200)x 33 micron

    Pack 50
    NZ$ 10.86 Pack 50
    NZ$ 12.49 incl GST
  • 80L LD Refuse Degradable Liner with Dispenser Box
    80L LD Refuse Degradable Liner with Dispenser Box

    Suited for a range of industries. Are ideal for home, office, kitchen or the meat and fish industry.
    Made from heavy duty, durable material, and contain a percentage of recycled material.


    35 Micron

    780 X 1020mm

    Box 100

    NZ$ 59.25 Box 100
    NZ$ 68.14 incl GST
  • Bin Liner Black 80 Litre Pack 50 - Bastion
    Bastion Large Waste Bin Liner 80ltr Black

    Extra strong and low-odour HDPE bin liners, each sheet is folded and dispensed neatly from a pack.
    Made from virgin and recycled virgin tailings and off-cuts for consistent strength and reliability
    (externally-sourced recycled HDPE polymers are not added).
    Ideal for many applications where a low-odour, strong, reliable, high-puncture/tear resistant bin liner is required.

    Pack 50
    NZ$ 12.97 Pack 50
    NZ$ 14.92 incl GST
  • Rubbish Bag Bin Liner 80L Clear 35mu - Matthews
    Recycled Bin Liners 80L.

    Clear, 800mm x 1000mm x 35mu

    Gusseted for effective waste collection
    Recycled rubbish bin liners combine puncture strength and versatility to provide reliable, economical protection against leaking and odours. These bags are produced from post consumer plastic, which is then recycled and made into new bags. Recycled bin liners are the most cost effective as they reduce environmental impact, save energy and preserve natural resources.

    Carton 250
    NZ$ 101.75 Carton 250
    NZ$ 117.01 incl GST
  • 240L Compostable Bin Liner - Ecoware
    Ecoware compostable bin liners come in three sizes - 30L, 80L and 240L. Made from non-toxic, compostable materials and printed with non-toxic inks, this range provides maximum durability. Certified for both home and commercial composting under EN13432, AS4736, AS5810 and OK COMPOST. Fully customisable.

    240L Compostable Bin Liner. 1130x1390mm

    25 microns thick.

    240L = 5 pieces per roll. Not recyclable.

    Carton 120
    NZ$ 191.15 Carton 120
    NZ$ 219.82 incl GST