Dog Waste Bags Composable, Carton - Earth Rated Ecobags

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Dog Waste Bags Composable, Carton - Earth Rated Ecobags
Compostable Dog Waste Bags from Earth Rated, Ecobags.

Earth Rated® vegetable-based bags are made of natural ingredients and meet the composting certification ASTM D6400 guidelines.

Now an alternative to plastic bags, these unscented bags can be disposed of in a home compost environment, or commercial compost station where pet waste is accepted. Remember to only put in a home composting system that won’t be used for the fruit and veggie patch; it’s best to keep this compost for flowers and trees only.

Carton 12 boxes of 4 rolls (15 bags per roll).

Box 4 rolls of 15 bags (60bags).
NZ$ 121.63 excluding GST
NZ$ 139.87 including GST
Carton 12 boxes
BB Comp60
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