Bin Liners 80L Compostable White - Matthews

Bin Liners 80L Compostable White - Matthews
FP Compostable Bin Liner 80L - White, 800mm x 1000mm x 30mu
350 bags per box

Genetically modified organism free

Compostable bin liners are made from organic plant materials. They break down swiftly in a home or commercial compost environment in about the same time as a dry leaf. They offer the most practical and environmentally-friendly solution. Making bags from corn instead of petroleum by-products is a major advance in environmental technology. Corn is an annually renewable resource, which unlike trees, is grown and harvested in a single season.
NZ$ 210.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 241.50 including GST
350 bags
MW MPH2365
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