Medical Bags + Sheets 360X710-50 YELLOW.BIOHAZ.TOT.LOOSE.50s - Flexoplas

Medical Bags + Sheets 360X710-50micron YELLOW.BIOHAZ.TOT.LOOSE.50s

Flexoplas extend our specialty product lines to include plastic items for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Hospitals, labs, rest homes, pharmacies, doctors' and dentists' surgeries all utilise our medical bags for a multitude of purposes. The plastic bags we produce are a little different to our usual range because some usages are innocuous (patient medical bags, medical equipment bags, rubbish bags) and some are hazardous (infectious material, patient specimens, biohazard waste).
Flexoplas medical bags are composed of a unique, Gamma sterilisable polyethylene plastic which is secure enough to safely contain toxic, infectious or radioactive medical waste.
It's also strong enough to handle sharp objects such as needles, scalpels, lancets, razors, broken glass, staples, wires, ampule and trocars.

Carton 650
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Carton 650
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