Planter Bags (PBS)/Sprayguards 150X500-150 GREEN SPRAYGUARD.SLIT - Flexoplas

Planter Bags (PBS)/Sprayguards 150X500-150micron GREEN SPRAYGUARD.SLIT

Planter Bags are perfect for propagating, growing on (i.e. encouraging next-level growth), transporting and displaying plants whilst keeping them safely contained and easily tended to.
If you own or operate a horticultural enterprise ' such as a nursery growing ornamental trees and shrubs, veges, fruit and nut crops ' Flexoplas Planter Bags are the only bags you need to consider. For those in retail, our planter bags make storing, moving and displaying your living products convenient and effective. And for families and individuals shifting home, digging up your favourite rose bush or fruit tree and popping it into a Flexoplas planter bag makes it possible to take your beautiful specimen with you.
Sturdy, UV stabilised and made from top-grade polyethylene, our planter bags won't split or break down in the sun. They can even be customised and printed to suit your business ' call us for horticultural black polyethylene planter bags that are:
' UV stabilised
' Super strong
' Easy to move and relocate
' Manufactured for all weather conditions
' All PBS sizes and volumes
' Norim
' Printed or plain black.

Carton 900
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Carton 900
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