Maxi-Grip Click Seal Bag 130x155mm - Unipak

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Maxi-Grip Click Seal Bag 130x155mm - Unipak
Maxi-Grip Bags are perfect for:

- Keeping food fresher, for longer
- Ideal for pre-cut meats, salad
- High quality seal closure guaranteed

The Maxi-Grip range of click seal bags boasts excellent clarity and a serrated seal edge that provides a 'click' to confirm the seal has taken place.

Great for keeping food fresh and presenting sweets and lollies for point of sale, as well as many industrial applications.

Inners - 10
Quantity per inner - 100
Full carton quantity - 1000
NZ$ 27.64 excluding GST
NZ$ 31.79 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
Carton 1000
UP 800/170
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