Checkout Bags Degradable Medium - EcoPack

Checkout Bags Degradable Medium - EcoPack
These Degradable plastic bags are licensed by EPI to sell in New Zealand. All the manufacturing facility are approved by EPI with the ability to produce a complete range of products in LDPE and HDPE.
EPI manufactures the Degradable additive called TDPA, which helps the bag to break down into natural compounds when disposed.
After the bag has served its purpose and is thrown away, the TDPA begins to breakdown the Polythene into brittle fragments due to exposure to natural UV light, heat and oxygen.
The plastic molecules eventually become so small that micro-organisms can use them as a source of food.


Medium Checkout bags (260 + 160) x 500.


Pack 500 bags

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NZ$ 24.14 including GST
500 bags
BB ED-5968
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